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Mónica Risnicoff de Gorgas – Museologist and ICOFOM Board Member

June 28, 2018

Mónica Risnicoff de Gorgas is a museum specialist, Board Member for the International Committee for Museology, and an instructor at the Universidad Nacional de Tucumán. In this episode, we discuss her career in a variety of museums and important new trends in museology, including an increasing emphasis on diversity.

This episode’s recommendations: Zvetan Todoroff, Conquest of America: The Question of the Other (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1999). Museo Nacional Estancia Jesuítica de Alta Gracia y Casa del Virrey: Risnicoff de Gorgas, M. (2001). “Reality as Illusion, the Historic Houses that Become Museums.” Museum International, 53 (2), 10-15. Risnicoff de Gorgas, M. (2016). "Afro-Descendent heritage and its unacknowledged legacy in Latin American museum." En B.L.Murphy (coord.), Museums, Ethics and Cultural Heritage (pp. 296-303). New York,NY: Routledge. The Declaration of the Round Table of Santiago de Chile in 1972: UNESCO Slave Route Project: Seth Denbo, “Online Only: What the Proposed Virtual Obama Presidential Library Means for Historians,” Perspectives on History, 56:3 (March 2018), 29-31.

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