Working Historians

Panel II: Collecting Tangible and Non-Tangible Heritage in Museums in the United States

September 27, 2018

Panel Chairs: Monica de Gorgas and David de la Torre Jeffrey Max Henry, M.A., "The Artifacts of Cultural Change and Their Effect on the Museum” (starting at 1:40) Fabienne Sowa-Dobkowski, Ph.D., “Calling for the Inclusion of “Natural” Heritage in the New ICOM Definition of the Museum” (starting at 4:09) Alexandros Giannikopoulos, M.Sc., "Museum 4D” (starting at 21:27) This recording is audio only and has been edited to remove false starts, technical glitches, and lengthy silences. Jeffrey Henry’s presentation has been replaced by a short abstract and slideshow. Video version (with visual aids) is available here:

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